Freight Wagon of the Future

Our multifunctional and modular freight wagon with a superstructure for the pulp and paper industry

The Freight Wagon of the Future: Multifunctional and Modular

Our flexible freight wagon concept features a length-adjustable carrier wagon and various superstructures that suit different industry and customer requirements.

Greater flexibility for rail freight transport

Multifunctional x modular = m². This is the formula for an innovative modular system created as part of a project between DB Cargo and VTG. Our goal: To shift more traffic to rail and create more wagon capacity and availability for this purpose. Here, the innovation project to develop and introduce the new modular and multifunctional wagon comes into its own. The programme to promote pioneering rail freight technology introduced by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport supports the market launch of the first pre-production series vehicles with carrier wagons and superstructures. 

m2 stands for multifunctional times modular and describes the most important characteristics of the innovative modular system.

Carrier wagons with individual superstructures

Our concept separates the transport container from the wagon itself. Thanks to the length-adjustable, four-axle carrier wagon, we can soon adapt our equipment to your needs even more quickly and individually.  

The carrier wagons can be combined with special detachable and interchangeable superstructures to suit the cargo and the industry and customer, and thus be used even more flexibly. 

Our first multifunctional and modular freight wagon with a superstructure for the timber industry

Our high-performance equipment for pulp and paper

We're taking the conventional freight wagon to the next level by adopting tried-and-tested ideas from road haulage and combining them with the rail sector's advantages. Every inch of the 22-metre-long wagon's loading area can be used. Together with a patented system of wedges for securing paper rolls, the wagon and its special superstructure are ideal for the needs of the paper and pulp industry. We are currently developing pre-production series vehicles. 

You can get a first impression of the wagon for pulp and paper transport in the video. 

Source: Wecon / newfilm pictures

Our flexible equipment for timber

Tough like oak. We were inspired by the freight we move and so are developing a stanchion wagon, about 22 metres long, that really delivers the goods with its impressive volume and high load capacity. Reducing the wagon's dead weight by optimising its materials and construction makes this possible. The wagon's flexibility makes it perfect for transporting logs and sawn timber of various lengths – its innovative superstructure can be adjusted according to the requirements of the customer. Customers are currently using pre-production series vehicles for the timber sector.

You can get a first impression of the wagon in the video.

Source: Wecon / newfilm pictures

 The benefits for you:

  • Improved fleet efficiency increases available loading capacity 
  • Wagon length can be reconfigured
  • Sector-specific and customer-specific superstructures 
  • International deployment on single wagonload routes 
  • Shorter time to market than with conventional freight wagons 


Portrait Christian Welsing
"The m² concept will enable us to provide our customers with tailored equipment solutions faster than before."

Christian Welsing, Equipment Management Consumer Goods, Pulp & Paper and Timber

 Market launch

The project to launch an initial small pre-production series of vehicles with carrier wagons and superstructures on the rail freight market is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport through a federal program to promote pioneering rail freight technology.