Auto Terminal Bremen

The Auto Terminal Bremen from above

Auto Terminal Bremen – Logistics Services as a Complete Package

Our terminal offers a comprehensive portfolio of logistics, technical and other services. It combines the advantages of transport connections by rail and road.

Logistics hub in the north - Auto Terminal Bremen

To expand production capacity at an automobile manufacturer in Bremen, logistics areas at the plant had to make way for new production halls. In 2014, we therefore established the Auto Terminal Bremen (ATB), a 7 hectare, multimodal logistics facility as a central distribution hub for the vehicle volumes produced at the nearby Bremen plant.

Inside an enclosed car carrier wagon

All-round logistics for finished vehicles

The ATB can handle the transhipment of up to 200,000 vehicles annually, with distribution by rail and road. In addition to storage and transhipment, the terminal offers many other vehicle-related services at the highest technical level – from incoming vehicle inspection to vehicle cleaning, battery and tyre pressure checks and pre-delivery inspection. Furthermore, the ATB manages the subsequent shipping organisation for part of the export volumes via the Northern European ports.

Blue car in car wash from behind
"With our multimodal terminals, we are optimising distribution logistics for finished vehicles and creating space for growth."

Markus Fink, Head of Compounds

Further terminal: Trimodal Automotive terminal Neuss

With an area larger than 24 football pitches, our terminal shareholding in Neuss is one of the largest German car transhipment points. At peak times, around 2,000 vehicles per day can be transhipped to rail, road and inland waterways. The technology centre at the Neuss location offers a broad portfolio of process-oriented logistics, technical and other services at the highest quality standard: from warehouse maintenance, de-preservation and vehicle services to mechanical and paint work on new and used vehicles.

Cars at the terminal from above

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Markus Fink

Head of Compounds