Multimodal Rail Logistics

Reach stacker loads containers onto cargo train

Logistics with Rail at its Heart

Rail logistics combines the advantages of different modes of transport, with a focus on environmentally friendly rail transport.

 What is multimodal rail logistics?

Rail has numerous advantages - it is environmentally friendly, safe and particularly efficient over long distances. However, it reaches its limits in certain areas, for example in terms of flexibility in the local area or if the sender or recipient does not have their own railway siding. Multimodal rail logistics therefore combines rail, road or even ship transport modes and utilises their respective logistical advantages. On request, we offer all services from a single source - from pre- and onward carriage, through transshipment and rail transport, to intermediate storage with contract logistics services.

This is how we design rail logistics:

This is how we manage rail logistics:

Christian Hackelberg
"Through constant communication with our customers and service providers, we ensure the high quality of our transports."

Christian Hackelberg, Head of Product Management Automotive