Digital Services

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Digital Services – What Transparency Means to us

Customer-oriented software solutions complement our rail logistics concepts and internal processes and account for our high level of digitalisation.

Digital add-ons for customers

Personal contact with our customers is a priority for us, but in many areas it is supplemented by digital add-ons along the supply chain. Our software solutions can be individually tailored to your requirements and enable you to easily handle order placement and consignment tracking, for example using interface solutions. Our "smart" freight wagons equipped with sensors and telematics provide extensive data through live tracking. Our system engineers can integrate this information into your individual application.

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Business intelligence

We benefit from digital solutions internally, too, for example in capacity planning, analysis of idle and turnaround times and management of our wagon fleet. Our data scientists from the product engineering unit develop and optimise these and other applications, using dashboards to visualise complex interrelationships. Agile project management ensures prompt implementation. Predictive analyses of supply chain-related data enable us to make reliable capacity forecasts, identify any bottlenecks at an early stage and ensure optimum wagon availability at the loading points.

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Mobile devices for digital management

At DB Cargo Logistics, digitalisation does not stop at the office door. To ensure end-to-end digital management of consignments, we use tablets with specially developed applications in various areas. For example, truck drivers working in components shipments use an app to record the status of their consignments wherever they are and can digitalise analogue data such as waybills. Our drivers at the Automotive Terminal Bremen also record all vehicle-related services using an app, thus ensuring complete transparency with regard to new vehicles at the terminal.

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Cyber security as a daily companion

Highly digitalised processes also require a high level of security precautions. Cyber attacks are one of the biggest risks for companies today, and in logistics they can paralyse entire supply chains. In order to secure our systems and thus also our customer interfaces against such risks, we have comprehensive, up-to-date know-how and are a participant in the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security.

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"We achieve efficiency through optimal use of data, both internally and at customer interfaces."

Patrick Schlicht, Head of Systems