Cargo train with new cars in Automotive RailNet

Network – Smart Connection of Europe

With our network solutions we overcome borders – not only geographically

The network is growing

As a subsidiary of DB Cargo, we have access to the largest rail network in Europe and regularly expand it in accordance with the requirements of our industries. This results in network offers that are perfectly matched to the strong production regions and supply flows within a sector – highly frequent, fast and reliable. One example of this is our Automotive RailNet. It connects all major automotive plants and the major suppliers and dealers in Europe with each other and is constantly being expanded, for example by extending the UIC line to Martorell in Spain or by integrating new shuttle services.

Schematische Darstellung des Automotive RailNet
"We are constantly implementing innovative network solutions for the automotive industry based on our Automotive RailNet."

Kai Birnstein, Head of Components

Beyond Europe's borders

We have been crossing the European border towards China since 2011 and mainly transport vehicle components on this route, but also finished vehicles. On the approximately 9,000 km route, rail has decisive advantages because it is faster than ocean freight, cheaper than air and safer than road. 

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High frequency with multi-client trains

We do not think exclusively in terms of customer-specific concepts but have the entire system in mind. By means of multi-client trains on important corridors, we bundle quantities and thus create new, high-frequency offers for you time and again. In classic rail freight transport, we bring together groups of wagons at key hubs to form block trains. For example, we already transport five different car brands to Spain with just one train or offer a regular shuttle from Germany to Turkey for household appliances, beverages and classic pallet goods from various manufacturers.

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Porträt Kai Birnstein

Kai Birnstein

Head of Automotive