Battery Logistics

Cargo train transports batteries in Automotive RailNet

Battery Logistics – Cells of the Future

We link battery manufacturing with automotive production – through individual, tailor-made transport solutions for lithium-ion cells and battery modules.

Advantages of rail

At the heart of an electric car is a battery weighing several hundred kilos. This is where rail transport can really show its strength. Compared to road, rail saves 80 % CO2. The load factor for freight wagons is two and a half times higher than for trucks, which gives rail transport the edge in terms of logistics costs. Trains also outperform trucks in terms of safety, regarding the number of accidents. Our professional dangerous goods management and the close coordination with all participants in the transport chain ensures maximum safety.

Schematic representation of a battery

Automotive RailNet for full reliability

We use the European Automotive RailNet which today already connects numerous automotive plants with each other and with large suppliers. This network has now been and will be complemented with options for battery manufacturers and cell suppliers. The numerous existing railports and the new logistics centres being built provide access to the rail network for manufacturers without their own private siding – quick and easy analogue to the plug-and-play principle. As lead logistics provider, we also manage cross-carrier solutions.

Illustration of rail network for battery logistics
"We are taking the shift to e-mobility as an opportunity to develop suitable logistics solutions for future needs today."

Kai Birnstein, Head of Automotive

 Environmentally friendly logistics

  • Direct links to the existing Automotive RailNet for manufacturers of lithium-ion cells and battery modules
  • Short lead times in Europe's largest network
  • Bespoke transport logistics solution from 1st/2nd tier suppliers to OEMs
  • Setting-up and operation of railports and logistics centres to guarantee smooth rail access
  • Possibility of purchasing scalable capacities without using own block trains
  • Consulting services for the development of containers for the safe transport of freight by road and rail  

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Porträt Kai Birnstein

Kai Birnstein

Head of Automotive