The Way we Work

Good-humoured project team at DB Cargo Logistics in modern offices

The Way we Work

With design freedom and creativity we are setting new benchmarks in logistics

Independent and cross-functional

As a subsidiary within the DB Group, we value our almost medium-sized structures with short coordination channels and and a lot of creative freedom. This helps us to contribute our ideas and implement them independently in an agile and dynamic working environment in the interests of our customers. With our project-oriented approach, we pool expertise and resources in interdisciplinary teams and maintain short lines of communication. Innovation and high-quality products are the result.

Brainstorming and creative exchange in the project management meeting

easyLOGIC – the way we manage projects

Every tender and every major customer project goes through a structured product development and implementation process, which is controlled by our project managers. The process, called "easyLOGIC", provides for regular quality gates in the course of the project and for the teams to share their ideas with the Management Board. This allows us to quickly identify where we can use synergies between projects and how we can use our resources efficiently.

Project Manager preparing for Quality Gate in the product development process

Encouraging and motivating

Our leadership culture supports the professional and personal development of our employees. We recognise their individual strengths, communicate openly, promote motivation and responsibility, and achieve our business goals together.

Several people talking at a desk

An equal partnership

Experience, innovative solutions and many years of customers' trust are what have made us into the market leader in our different sectors. We will continue to enhance our lead by maintaining a close dialogue with our clients and creating smart rail logistics solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Key account manager and customer meet on site at the Auto Terminal Bremen
"Mutual appreciation, passion and cohesion characterise the way we work and shape our culture."

Anke Konrad, Head of Human Resources