Finished vehicle driving onto a car transporter


Thanks to our high-performance, Europe-wide Automotive RailNet, we can deliver rail logistics for components and finished vehicles as we link car manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and export ports around the continent.

 Benefits for you

  • A single source of rail logistics solutions for components and finished vehicles
  • The perfect combination of rail and road transport for door-to-door deliveries
  • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries to plants
  • Rail logistics services at our logistics centres and Automotive terminals
  • High-performance battery logistics
  • Fleet of modern freight wagons for every type of vehicle


  • 1300000 vehicles transported every year

  • 260000 truck loads of car parts by train transported ever year.

  • 285000 tonnes of CO2 the emissions cut by our automotive transport services

"Managing the entire logistics chain from a single source by integrating a strong rail solution – that's what rail logistics mean to us."

Kai Birnstein, Head of Automotive

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Porträt Kai Birnstein

Kai Birnstein

Head of Automotive