Consumer Goods

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Consumer Goods

Covering Germany as well as Europe, the rail logistics solutions we provide for consumer goods include every port of call from production sites to the recipient's premises – and even comprises shelf stacking at supermarkets.

 Benefits for you

  • Tailored door-to-door logistics are also available to customers that don't have their own private sidings
  • Intermodal transport and classic single wagonload services
  • Single wagonload network and block train transports
  • Integration of different transport modes via railports, logistics centres and terminals across Europe
  • Integrated services such as warehousing, picking and distribution
  • Sustainable transport with approx. 80% less CO2 than road-based services

  • 2000000 pallets of consumer goods transported

  • 2600000 domestic appliances transported

  • 1700000 tonnes of beverages transported

"Whether you want to move beverages or white goods, we are your single source for the perfect logistics solution – including door-to-door and overnight deliveries."

Stephanie Reinert, Head of Consumer Good

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Stephanie Reinert

Head of Consumer Goods