Excavator loading logs onto a stationary train


Wood is a sustainable resource, and our multimodal rail logistics solutions enable us to transport timber and wood products by rail – sustainably. Rail and wood belong together, so we bring them together.

 Benefits for you

  • Industry expertise going back to 1924
  • Planning, implementation and management of rail logistics from a single source
  • Transhipment and intermediate storage at timberports and railports
  • Special equipment for raw and square-sawn timber, wood products and bulk goods
  • Ordering portal for quick and uncomplicated communication with our customers

  • 2300000 tonnes of wood transported every year

  • 1600 special wagons for raw and square-sawn timber

  • 200 wood transhipment stations in Germany

"Our projects for digitalising and linking all the players in the timber industry enable us to transport even more wood products by train."

Clemens Pflästerer, Head of Timber

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