Roter Gabelstapler verlädt weiße Zellstoffpakete in Waggon.

easyRailgate – rail logistics for pulp customers

This compact logistics centre gives firms access to the rail network and a host of associated services such as transhipment, intermediate storage and first and last mile transportation. Everything has been designed to suit the needs of the pulp and paper industry.

Compact logistics centre

The key features of our easyRailgate are its infrastructure that is easy to implement, its fast response time and high efficiency. Its location near consignors and recipients makes it possible to create a quick and flexible link between the European single wagonload network and pulp sector customers that lack a private siding. The service package includes management of all transport activities, including first and last mile logistics, transhipment and intermediate storage. Other sectors can also take advantage of this solution.

Out-of-focus red forklift loads white pulp packages.

Lyon Sud – our French connection

Covering 14,000 m² and with a track capacity of 650 m, one of our first easyRailgates opened at Lyon Sud and now links this important economic hub in France to the Europe-wide single wagonload network. A specially constructed industrial tent is available for intermediate storage, and it will be replaced by warehouses during the second phase of construction at the site. Forklifts with bale clamps are available for transhipment activities, and additional equipment can easily be made available whenever volumes require it.

Track with freight train with some open wagons.
Portrait Claus Keller
"By opening easyRailgates, we are creating intelligent interface points with the rail network and laying the foundations for climate-friendly growth."

Claus Keller, Head of Pulp

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